Backstage at This Year’s “Green” Emmys

emmys 2007 hayden panettiere Backstage at This Year’s “Green” Emmys

Throw in a few hybrid cars and reduced lighting and you’ve got yourself a “Green” awards show. At least that’s what FOX seemed to think when it launched its “Green with Emmy” campaign. I’ll admit, the effort itself was impressive. But is Hollywood really prepared to pull it off? At least without complaining?

emmys 2007 green04 Backstage at This Year’s “Green” Emmys

Let’s start backstage in the press room. Noticeably absent this year was the generator-backed air flow unit that kept a room full of journalists from boiling over. I heard more than a few people say, “Who turned off the air back here?” Replaced instead by a plastic bag-looking mechanism that swelled up like a sausage (excuse my lack of expertise in alternative air flow vernacular). But brownie points for the CFL & LED lighting, which pleased Emmy award winner Al Gore. He said “The Emmys have gone green, and I want to give them credit for that. So, whatever lighting they used, they’re one step ahead.”

emmys 2007 heidi klum Backstage at This Year’s “Green” Emmys

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