Twike | The World’s First Bike-Car

twike 01 Twike | The World’s First Bike Car

If you have $27,500 burning a hole in your pocket, you should check out the Twike by FINEMobile. The Twike is a hybrid “car”, combining traditional electric battery power with your own personal hamstring/calf/quadriceps/abdominal power. The idea is interesting: the typical hybrid braking-energy recapture, plus the ability to pedal energy into the battery while driving Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

MonoTracer | Futuristic-Looking Motorcyle-ish Vehicle with a Twist

monotracer motorcyle 06 MonoTracer | Futuristic Looking Motorcyle ish Vehicle with a Twist

“Mono” means “one” or “single”, while a “tracer” is — easily enough — a person who traces. That said, I don’t quite understand the name of Peraves’ new MonoTracer. I suppose the first part could be a reference to the “dry reinforced monodisc clutch” that’s mentioned on the manufacturer’s specs page, but I honestly can’t say I know what that means either.

monotracer motorcyle 04 MonoTracer | Futuristic Looking Motorcyle ish Vehicle with a Twist

But the mysterious moniker hardly detracts from the coolness of this futuristic-looking motorcyle-ish vehicle with a twist. The twist provides for car-like comfort and amenities with the traffic flexibility of a motorcycle. The 2-wheels and tandem seating design provides a slim body that allows for escape options in the event of a traffic jam, while the passenger area is enclosed like a car, providing a music-filled, climate controlled ride. According to Wired, it’s “a lot safer than an open bike, with stability control, seat belts, and stabilizer wheels that deploy like landing gear to keep the thing upright at stoplights.”

Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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