Power Tower Wind Turbines A Brilliant Idea In This Issue of Metropolis Magazine May 2009

metropolis magazine may2009 windpower 01 Power Tower Wind Turbines A Brilliant Idea In This Issue of Metropolis Magazine May 2009

As you might have guessed I subscribe to the Architectural Magazine Metropolis. Of course for all the right reasons, its cutting edge, they only do modern and the magazine constantly features green projects. I just received my May 2009 issue and this thing is packed with green. Maybe it’s their Earth Month issue or something. What ever the reason is, the first thing that stopped me in my tracks was the cover. Not because of the dull graphic, but because of the idea behind the graphic, which was harvesting wind power directly from the hundreds of thousands of POWER TOWERS already dotting the landscapes of the world. What a brilliant idea. Why build wind turbine towers. when you already have towers for power lines? It’s the kill two birds with one stone thing. (Of course I am a vegan, so I wouldn’t do that, but you get the idea) This was the winning concept of Metropolis’s 2009 Next Generation competition weds two common aspects of the landscape: electrical-transmission towers and wind turbines.

I am going to feature part of the article here, but to read the whole thing head over to metropolismag.com. Also, below, tell us what you think. Is this a good idea, or just crazy. Do you believe in wind power?

metropolis magazine may2009 windpower 02 Power Tower Wind Turbines A Brilliant Idea In This Issue of Metropolis Magazine May 2009

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Doesn’t Getting Nuked Sound Great?

nuclear plant 01 Doesnt Getting Nuked Sound Great?

Is it just me or when you hear the words “Three Mile Island” you think of a nuclear disaster? Though that label may be technically correct, the truth is not one person died at Three Mile Island. Not one person was even injured.

I may have only been 5, but I am usually a somewhat more astute historian, as I thought Three Mile Island was some sort of nuclear holocaust. I thought there were at least some people who melted. To say that someone’s publicity team didn’t do a very good job of spinning that story is perhaps an understatement. If I’m your average consumer, and you add Chernobyl into the marketing mix, you’ve got yourself one very wary nuclear public. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Air Trees | Greening and Cooling Cities

airtree 01 Air Trees | Greening and Cooling Cities

Why is Europe so far ahead of the US in their re-thinking of urban environments? Maybe it’s because most of our cities grew up in the automobile era while Europe’s major cities have been around for millennia. But even that difference can’t explain why the best new green ideas come from Europe – take Madrid’s air tree for example.

The “tree” looks a bit goofy, like a giant glass hollow Slinkie. But don’t let its looks fool you. It’s designed to be a heat sink for major cities, providing cool places on ordinarily heat-absorbing stretches of pavement. It provides shade, and the air temperature differential creates a light breeze. It also provides free electricity to the grid (from an array of solar panels) and the real trees enclosed in the glass structure absorb CO2 and produce oxygen.

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How The Food You Eat Powers Your Brain

work food How The Food You Eat Powers Your Brain

The number one reason people under perform at work? They don’t feel good.

For some people not feeling good comes from doing work that they just don’t enjoy. But, for an even larger group of people, not feeling good at work comes directly from the lifestyle they live. Specifically, from what they put in their mouth.

Feeling bad at work isn’t just about sick days. It’s about the minor ailments most people have learned to accept and just work through. Minor ailments like headaches, backaches, cramps, acid indigestion, moodiness, muscle paid… the list goes on.

But the two biggest ailments that effect work the most are 1) lack of focus and 2) that general feeling of being tired. These two ailments are also the most directly related to food. Just think about all those times you’ve eaten a big, highly processed meal at work and how you’ve seen your energy and attention plummet to the ground. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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