Holiday Baking and Decorating Tips with Designer Todd Oldham and The Discerning Brute

Don’t be jealous! Ever since I watched a green-haired Todd Oldham on “House of Style” back in the nineties, I knew that I had to get crafty with him one day. So, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, Todd and I got together at his downtown NYC studio to show you how to make some heart-shaped gifts that come from the heart. We both agree that this holiday is all about affordable, DIY craftiness.

From his features in ReadyMade & Dwell, to crafting Amy Sedaris’ interactive vaginal diagram on the Chelsea Lately Show, and with a line of vases for FTD, a classic menswear-inspired carpet collection, and design book series called Place Space, Todd is a royal of the creative world. To top that, he is a photographer, filmmaker, interior designer, fashion designer, and can see through walls …well, maybe not the last part.

todd oldham heart cake Holiday Baking and Decorating Tips with Designer Todd Oldham and The Discerning Brute

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Mega Disasters Delivers Big-Time

“Mega Disasters: Glacier Meltdown”, which airs next week on the History Channel, is as bombastic as its name. Drums beat incessantly, the narrator speaks urgently, and pieces of glaciers fall dramatically into the water. Despite the Day After Tomorrow feel, “Glacier Meltdown” is quite informative. The producers bring in top experts from the US Geological Survey, Scripps Institute of Oceanography and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to tell the story of the glaciers.

They are indeed melting — and in places like Glacier National Park, the experts all concur that they’ll be gone in less than twenty years. In terms of the planet, it might just as well be the day after tomorrow.

Each week, “Mega Disasters” takes a different type of natural disaster, explains it scientifically, and then shows — using a computer simulation — what would happen should the disaster happen in an unusual context. Think earthquake in Chicago. The bulk of the “Glacier Meltdown” episode deals with the science and possible consequences of, well, glacier meltdowns — namely sea level rising, flooding and hurricanes. The most impressive part of the episode is the end, during which a hurricane is simulated in Chesapeake Bay, causing the water on the Potomac River to rise. Watch out, Washington DC!

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