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barcode trashcan 002 Barcode Trashcan | Recycling Made Even Easier

The next person who whines about the complications of recycling is going to get an earful from me. Not about how recycling is an important responsibility, or how each of their cans, bottles, newspapers, etc. can make a difference – or about what a moron they must be – but about the fact that there’s a fancy new solution to their eco-incompetence.

To be fair, if there is a complicated aspect to recycling (and I said “if”), it surrounds plastics. As you know, there are various types, and not all them can be recycled. But you should also be able to figure out that every plastic container has a recycling symbol on it with number inside. And knowing which numbers can be recycled and which can’t is easy for you to research. Simply check online with your local recycling facilities – either the ones that come to your house to empty your bins (try your neighborhood sanitation department if you have no clue where to begin searching) or the places you go to drop off your cans, bottles, plastics, etc.

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