Electrobike Pi-E | Two-Wheeled Urban Transport

electrobike1 Electrobike Pi E | Two Wheeled Urban Transport

We are inching towards a two-wheeled urban future with several new electric bikes out there, and we can add the Pi-E to the mix. Electrobike actually offers several powered alternatives to the car, all of which sport the distinct Pi-series arched frame.

The Pi-E is powered by plug-in electric (not my favorite alternative) for local jaunts to the grocery store, park or just a little town cruise. It’s also freeway-legal for those who want to test their courage. All you need to do is add the optional gas engine and you’ve got yourself a little Prius-like hybrid. But beware, it looks like you just strapped on a weedeater engine. And although you can ride it on the highway, I’d feel a lot more comfortable on one of the bigger motorcycles available for about the same price.

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Mission One | 150 Miles An Hour Electric Demon

one mission electric motorcycle 01 Mission One | 150 Miles An Hour Electric Demon

What can I say, this Mission One Electric Bike really does kick my Ultramotor A2B Electric bikes ass. But I guess that isn’t really a fair comparison, because this electric bike really isn’t a bike, it’s more of a 150 mile electric monster, posing as a motorcycle. This thing even goes 150 miles without needing to be re-juiced. The bike showed up at the latest TED event, happening in Long Beach and is now all the buzz on the internet.

The bike was designed by a California start-up called Mission Motors, which has plans to build a limited run of 50 by next year at a price point of $69,000 each. I know what your thinking, if you take back your deposit on your long over due Tesla order, you could by two of these dream machines. Or better yet, if you get a bailout from the government, you can hold out for the Tesla and put a new deposit on a Mission One! Go for option two.

Why is it that all the sexy looking electric vehicles cost so freakin much? Can a simple electric motor and a few batteries really add up to $70K. If your not a bank CEO or a celebrity, you are just out of luck. The only electric vehicle most of us can even think of buying comes from Fisherprice, right?

one mission electric motorcycle 02 Mission One | 150 Miles An Hour Electric Demon

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Sidam Xnovo is the New MP3

sidam xnovo mp3 04 Sidam Xnovo is the New MP3

Call me traditional if you must, but I don’t get this new wave of non-cars coming out in both concept and production form. If you need to get from point A to point B and you want to do so in something small and zippy, buy a motorcycle. Or a scooter. Or even a bicycle. And if you’re not comfortable with a two-wheeler, get a car.

But to fork out over 12 grand for a three-wheeler that doesn’t even look safe to drive? Come on. Introducing the Sidam Xnovo.

sidam xnovo mp3 03 Sidam Xnovo is the New MP3

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