BPM G | Green Lifestyle Through A Different Lens

bpmg issue3 08 BPM G | Green Lifestyle Through A Different Lens

While living green means making healthier choices for ourselves and for the planet, living “G” is about so much more. As the definitive voice for the modern urban human, the latest collaboration of G Living and BPM magazine takes you up close and personal to the latest in sustainable architecture and brings you functional, sleek and affordable gadgets that will take you beyond the ever-growing edge of off-the-grid living. And that’s only on the first few pages.

It’s beyond in-your-face. It’s in your life. And it’s within your grasp.

For example, did you know there was a company in Venice, California that produces ecologically based sports gear? Arbor Sports rocks everything from the waves to the slopes with natural materials like sustainable bamboo and koa. Not only do they manufacture the hippest, cleanest looking boards and accessories, they guarantee that your inward heelflip will have a conscience.

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