Paris | Stella McCartney Show’s Off Her Vegan Sheer Collection

stella mccartney 2010 spring summer collection 03 Paris | Stella McCartney Shows Off  Her Vegan Sheer Collection

Fellow Londoner Stella McCartney stands firm in her beliefs that high fashion doesn’t have to include such things as fur and leather. Showing off her latest collection in Paris, to an audience which included super stars, such as Pink, Kanye West, and even her father Paul McCartney. The collection focused on the idea of femininity, sensuality, sheerness and delicacy. All the things I would love to have in my closet, this summer. She even does some amazing things in black which would look amazing on me if only I could come up with the cash ($1145.00 for the Cotton Cashmere Dress in the image at the top of the page). I am sure all of the designs are well beyond my G Living micro pay budget. But if it didn’t cost a small fortune, then it couldn’t be called high fashion, Right!

To get the Stella Look, check out her pretty interactive site She has most of the collection online for you to try out.

stella mccartney 2010 spring summer collection 04 Paris | Stella McCartney Shows Off  Her Vegan Sheer Collection

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Keira Knightley and Stella McCartney (g-fashion designer) Team Up For Red Nose 09

Fashion designer and daughter of famous Beatle Paul McCartney has teamed up this year with Comic Relief and T.K.Maxx to sell Stella designed Red Nose T-Shirts. Really it’s a complete family affair, when you count that dad is tossing in the photos of his band and Stella’s sister joined in to shoot the celebrities wearing the shirts for the ad campaign. Look how the Vegan Super Rich do it. They are givers!

The Details from the official Red Nose Facebook site: Since 2005 TK Maxx has worked with Comic Relief raising money through selling the official Red Nose Day t-shirt and staff fundraising. 40% of the funds raised go to projects in the UK, while 60% covers long term developmental work in Africa. The Comic Relief philosophy is giving a leg up not a hand out. To date, we have raised over £3 million for Comic Relief. This money has helped Comic Relief to fund projects to fight poverty and social injustice in the UK and Africa. We have designed, manufactured and sold hundreds of thousands of exclusive t-shirts and have engaged in some outstanding and downright mad fundraising efforts. We raised £2 million in 2007 alone… twice what we raised in the previous campaign! We are incredibly proud to be a partner of Comic Relief and to support the life changing work that they do. This year, more than ever. TK Maxx will be encouraging all its staff to go all out and raise tons of money themselves in addition to transforming every TK Maxx store into a celebration of all things funny for the duration of the Comic Relief campaign. We hope you’ll join us in the challenge to make RND 09 a sidesplitting success.

Stella enlisted Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Claudia Schiffer and Keira Knightly to show the British public how best to wear the tops.

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Noir Illuminati II | High-End Ethical Fashion

noir 1 Noir Illuminati II | High End Ethical Fashion

Eco-fashions tend to congregate on the casual end of the fashion. After all, organic cotton and bamboo do make for some mighty comfy tees and great looking denim. But high fashion is finally coming to the party with some pretty stylish threads.

Take Danish label Noir Illuminati II. Their designs are as famous for their stark monochromatic, exquisitely tailored and über-sexy look as they are sustainability. The label consists of two parts: Noir represents the luxury brand, and Illuminati II handles its cotton-creating counterpart. The company uses fairly traded sub-Saharan organic cotton and operates under the business model of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), making it unique in the world of high fashion.

Run by Peter Ingwersen, a former Levi’s brand manager, the label is relatively new, having debuted a mere five seasons ago. During that time, however, Ingwersen has managed to up the use of certified materials from 30% to 70%. His signature fabric is organic cotton, which he sources from Ugandan cotton farmers. A percentage of the profits from the clothes goes back to Africa through The Noir Foundation, which provides essential medicine and micro loans as part of a Humane Business Model.

noir 2 Noir Illuminati II | High End Ethical Fashion

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Linda Loudermilk | Spring Collection

Here at G Living we really like mixing it up at a gas stations. Okay, I’m being a little facetious. BP Helios House is more than a gas station – it was the chosen location for the debut of Linda Loudermilk’s Spring 2008 collection, Windpower. Supermodel Kristi Hume and other long limbed lovelies pumped gas…I mean, strutted the catwalk…for a host of eco-fabulous celebrities including rumored guest Prince, although the super secretive star did manage to keep well out of the spotlight. How convenient.

When it comes to high-end green fashion, they don’t come any bigger or better than Linda Loudermilk. Linda introduced breakthrough fabrics like mud-dyed linen, vegan silk and milk cashmere. These were in addition to her staples like organic cotton, seaweed wood pulp and sasawashi (a Japanese leaf… don’t worry, I’m half Japanese and I had to look that one up).

lindaloudermilk002 Linda Loudermilk | Spring Collection

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Nature vs Future | Complex Yet Sustainable

naturevsfuture 01 Nature vs Future | Complex Yet Sustainable

Nature vs Future could be a Zen Buddhist koan to which there’s no logical answer. Brooklyn-based designer and graduate of the prestigious Parson’s New School for Design, Nina Valenti, chose the name to honor her belief that there’s a constant struggle between organic existence and technological advancement. “The more we advance, the more we need to consider nature before we deplete it. In this tension to find balance is the living energy of the collection and hence the name,” she says.

The name works on another level, too. “Nature” because of the natural materials Valenti chooses to work with like organic cotton, organic wool, hemp, soy, bamboo, seacell® (seaweed), lyocell (wood pulp) and Ingeo™ (created from corn), and “Future” because her strong, sexy collection represents a deconstructed future complete with asymmetrical hemlines, severe pleats, military collars and creative cut outs. All garments are locally produced in NYC.

naturevsfuture 02 Nature vs Future | Complex Yet Sustainable

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Re:volve Promotes Positive Social Messaging

Let’s face it: with a thick layer of negativity permeating the planet, we could all use a dose of positivity. Thankfully, we’ve got Re:volve working to create a better, more sustainable future.

The ethical clothing line debuted at LA’s uber trendy Fred Segal store late last year amid scores of flash bulbs and paparazzi. Socially conscious celebrities Amy Smart, Roger Cross and a camera-shy Anthony Kedis were among the supporters of this brand spanking new sustainable style endeavor from husband and wife design team Joe and Amy Tomlinson.

Parents of six, Joe and Amy were inspired by the lack of positive role models and positive images in pop culture. Rather than lament the status quo, they decided to get creative and do it to great effect.

gfashion reevolve 02 Re:volve Promotes Positive Social Messaging

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Vinyl May Be Dead But The Records Live On

outofspin1 gliving Vinyl May Be Dead But The Records Live On

What happens if you’re an avid record collector and your daughter cracks your favorite Fleetwood Mac vinyl? If you’re Meg Musick Makely — and your maiden name literally indicates that music is part of your life — you preserve the memories attached to that record by turning it into a fashion accessory. Meg made her first bracelet out of vinyl that day in her Chicago-based home. With the encouragement of her friends, she set up a modest stand at Chicago’s annual Wicker Park Festival that draws nearly 15,000 music lovers. They come to watch “up and coming” bands, purchase eclectic arts and crafts, and sample local foods. From there, she was featured in several magazines and it wasn’t long this former ballet teacher and jewelry sales rep had turned a broken record into a career.

In creating her pieces, Meg mastered a technique of using heat to shape the vinyl into its desired look. In making her bracelets, she uses a special cutting tool to slice the cross-section of the heated album where the band’s label appears. She cuts out the desired width for the size of the bracelet and then molds the strip into its shape.

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One Day This Summer with Stewart + Brown

stewart brown 2008 02 One Day This Summer with Stewart + Brown

Designers Karen Stewart and Howard Brown liken their latest collection, One Day This Summer, to “youthful freedom and carefree fun; like the summers we remember growing up”. Ahh yes, I remember those summers…the annual family beach holiday as an awkward adolescent, dying a thousand deaths whilst dining with my parents and younger siblings at a family bistro….ahh, the memories. But, no. I think the duo is referring to far less cringe inducing summery thoughts like lemon sorbet, gingham picnic blankets and butterflies. Images that this latest Stewart + Brown collection evokes.

For newcomers to the green scene, Stewart + Brown have been described as “organic pioneers” or as one of the original “ethical fashion brands”. They could be the described as the “fashion police” — policing themselves that is, by adhering to strict ethical rules of fashion conduct. Through innovation and artistic endeavor, their aim is to reduce waste, improve efficiencies and “use as little of the earth’s precious capital as possible”.

stewart brown 2008 01 One Day This Summer with Stewart + Brown

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H&M Steps Up Organic Cotton

handm organics 03 H&M Steps Up Organic Cotton

They’ve scored a niche in the fashion world by creating stylish yet budget-friendly clothing. And now H&M is getting noticed for another growing fashion trend — the use of organic cotton. The world’s biggest clothing retailer already incorporates the eco-stylish material into their lines, but they’re stepping it up big-time this fall.

“Naturally our customers are concerned about the environment, but it’s also important that garments are up-to-the-minute trend-wise,” says H&M’s head of design Margareta van den Bosch. They’re even doing due dilligence by labeling all organic garments with a special hang tag.

The ladies can expect to see tunics, short dresses, t-shirts, trousers and leggings, all made from organic cotton. The men’s collection includes plain and striped tees, jeans and sweaters.

H&M says the cotton it uses is certified by the Control Union and has been cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals. H&M has also been a member of Organic Exchange, an organization that promotes organic cotton cultivation, since 2003.

via Lucire Fashion

handm organics 02 H&M Steps Up Organic Cotton

handm organics 01 H&M Steps Up Organic Cotton

Loup Charmont | A Force of Nature and A Protector of the Planet

loup charmont 03 Loup Charmont | A Force of Nature and A Protector of the Planet

While David Blaine holds his breath for 17 minutes, I’ve been using that time productively by unearthing the coolest raw green designer talent. While this latest find may look like it walked off the set of “Gone with the Wind”, it’s actually straight outta Brooklyn. Loup Charmont means “the charming wolf” — a beautiful force of nature, fierce protector and loyal pack nurturer.

In human terms, this translates to a romantic array of flowing floor length halter dresses, tunics, sarongs and string bikinis. The bloomers, nightie and plantation dress, while historically inspired, are so in the now. Designer Kee Edward’s collection is made entirely from organic, sustainable cotton fibers, with her driving force being her goal to “do no harm in the world”. Not only are there any no synthetics or toxins in her production, there are no dyes. Everything comes in a natural color palette.

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I Am Obsessed With Righteous Fashion!

righteous eco fashion 01 I Am Obsessed With Righteous Fashion!

After writing about The House of Organic Sustainable Fashion Show held at the Gold LEED certified Haworth studios in NYC earlier this year, one designer that caught my eye and then stuck in my mind was Swedish label Righteous. Their ultra feminine jersey knits in autumnal hues, cinched at the waist and sporting to-die-for bows were adorable. What’s more, the dresses looked as comfortable to wear as they were fashionable. I was obsessed and needed to know more.

A picture may tell a thousand word, but actual words are also handy when doing research. My first port of call was the Righteous website, which I discovered to my dismay was entirely in Swedish. The closest I’ve ever come to speaking Swedish is buying a lamp from IKEA. Hmmm. My colleague referred me to Babelfish (the website that translate entire websites — which is brilliant), but they didn’t seem to offer Swedish. Stumped again.

But as it turned out, being faced with a website in an alien language had an upside. After much contemplation, I think I learnt my first two Swedish words: I’m (almost) certain Hösten means Fall and Våren means Spring.

righteous eco fashion 04 I Am Obsessed With Righteous Fashion!

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Fin | Norway Eco Luxe HQ

finoslo eco fashion 02 Fin | Norway Eco Luxe HQ

The last word on Scandinavian eco-luxury has got to be FIN. This socially conscious label, which already enjoys a firm following in its native Norway, will be rocking the runways of London’s fashion week next month. With an ethical spin on timeless classics like trench coats, asymmetrical dresses, pencil skirts, tuxedo blouses and denim, FIN would be a welcome addition to any fashionista’s capsule wardrobe Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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