Fish Farming | A Pound of Flesh

fish farm environment pollution 03 Fish Farming | A Pound of Flesh

Fish farming – aquaculture – has taken hold as a major new industry in the world , and in this period of an ever-expanding global market, it promises to continue growing. But there are some important issues to consider when we buy farmed fish for consumption. The foremost question on my mind is “Is this a sustainable industry? Do the inputs (feed, habitat set aside for farms, etc.) equal the outputs (the amount of fish that eventually goes to market)? A second question is “Is farmed fish as healthy as wild-caught fish?” Finally, “What is the cost to the environment?”

Time magazine recently weighed in on some of these issues and uncovered the following facts:

    Nearly 40% of all fish consumed worldwide comes from aquaculture.
    The industry has grown 9% per year since 1975 and demand for species such as salmon, tuna and shrimp has doubled since then.
    To produce 1 kilogram of high-protein fish food that is fed to ocean-bred, farmed fish, it takes 4.5 kilograms of smaller fish.

fish farm environment pollution 01 Fish Farming | A Pound of Flesh

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The Vendace | Britain’s Rarest Fish?

vendace 011 The Vendace | Britain’s Rarest Fish?

According to Webster’s, the Vendace is “a European lake whitefish (Coregonus Willughbii, or C. Vandesius), native of certain lakes in Scotland and England. It is regarded as a delicate food fish.” Seeing as how this entry comes from the 1913 edition, Webster is forgiven for not adding the fact that this fish dating back to the ice age could be on the brink of extinction.

The two remaining vendace populations are in Derwentwater and Bassethwaite, but it’s the latter where the fish could be facing extinction — according to Dr Ian Winfieldorf of Lancaster’s Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (via News & Star), who has recently embarked on “night-filming forays in freezing water conditions…to find evidence of Britain’s rarest fish”.

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