How The Food You Eat Powers Your Brain

work food How The Food You Eat Powers Your Brain

The number one reason people under perform at work? They don’t feel good.

For some people not feeling good comes from doing work that they just don’t enjoy. But, for an even larger group of people, not feeling good at work comes directly from the lifestyle they live. Specifically, from what they put in their mouth.

Feeling bad at work isn’t just about sick days. It’s about the minor ailments most people have learned to accept and just work through. Minor ailments like headaches, backaches, cramps, acid indigestion, moodiness, muscle paid… the list goes on.

But the two biggest ailments that effect work the most are 1) lack of focus and 2) that general feeling of being tired. These two ailments are also the most directly related to food. Just think about all those times you’ve eaten a big, highly processed meal at work and how you’ve seen your energy and attention plummet to the ground. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

VEGA Hemp Protein Bars | Raw Alkaline Vegan

VEGA Bars are now available. Created by professional Ironman triathlete and vegan, Brendan Brazier, following the success of his meal replacement powder, VEGA. Unlike other protein and energy bars on the market, VEGA bars use all raw and alkaline protein sources and ingredients. No junk, oils, refined sugars, gluten, soy, dairy, GMO’s or pesticides.

These nutritious bars are loaded with rich and active anti-oxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, protein, electrolytes, fiber and Omega 3 and 6 EFA’s. They sound like they would make a perfect light snack to fuel a workout or training session, or just to refuel in between meals at work. Berry is the most popular flavor, but they also come in natural and chocolate. These seem a lot like the Organic Food Bars I used to eat all the time, except using hemp raw complete protein instead of rice and with some great iodine. I can’t wait to try them. To find out more visit the website
Ingredients: Dates, hemp protein, almond butter, organic sprouted whole flax seeds, agave nectar, almonds, raisons, sesame seeds, organic sprouted mung beans, organic wheat grass, lemon juice, organic dulse.

  • 10g of complete raw protein for easy digestion
  • 6g of both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber
  • 6g of sprouts, rich in enzymes and phytonutrients
  • 4.5g of omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids

    VEGA Bars are available in Canadian health food stores or online at Oceanside Publishing.

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