Monsanto Seed Police | Big Brother is Watching

monsanto gm seed police Monsanto Seed Police | Big Brother is Watching

Sixty years ago, a landmark novel changed the way the world looked at government. The novel depicted a dystopian — the opposite of utopian — society in which everything a person did from birth until death was monitored by neighbors (especially children), ubiquitous video monitors and a Gestapo-style police force.

The book? 1984, by George Orwell, was meant to serve as a warning against the world’s love affair with socialism, especially in England after World War II.

The reason I bring it up? Monsanto, the world’s largest seed producer, has adopted the role of Big Brother in the farm world, spying on farmers, using its multi-national bulk to intimidate farmers and squeeze dry anyone who even thinks of violating Monsanto’s planting rules.

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