Monkie Mail De-Drone Your Life Game | Starting July 19, 2010

monkiemail game topgraphic 2 Monkie Mail De Drone Your Life Game | Starting July 19, 2010

G Living Is Giving Away $1000’s of dollars in G Treasure, To You

Here is how this game is going to work. Only subscribers to G Living Monkie Mail are eligible. Signing up for G Living Monkie Mail is completely free and anyone can subscribe. Only one email per subscriber is eligible. Your full name must be associated with your email address, on the Monkie Mail List. No multiple emails going to the same person. (no cheating) To claim your prize, you will need to prove your identity before we ship the prizes out.

Once a week G Living will send a very special game Monkie Mail email to all subscribing members of G Living Monkie Mail. In this special Monkie Mail, there will be a set of instructions for all subscribers to follow. The instructions will lead you to the name of that weeks winner of the Monkie Mail “G” Treasure! Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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