Media Watch | Rachel Maddow Beating The Drums For Criminal Investigations For The Former Bush Government

Rachel Maddow is a very pushy woman. She just wont let up the beating of the drums. Almost every night on her show The Rachael Maddow Show on MSNBC, she brings up the idea of criminal investigations for the former Bush Government. And tonight she was rewarded with the smell of blood in the air. Very powerful Democrats have now picked up on the idea of hearings and criminal proceedings and they seem to be getting organized. And yes, Rachel couldn’t be happier. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Bush Finally Announces Climate Strategy

george bush climate strategy global waming Bush Finally Announces Climate Strategy

After seven years and four months, President George W. Bush has finally announced his climate change strategy: end the growth of U.S. greenhouse emissions by 2025. U.S. emissions are rising about 1% per year, and we continue to be the world’s largest polluter with 40% or our greenhouse emissions coming from burning coal.

Is it earth shattering that Bush is on board with climate change? Only in the fact that he’s finally admitting that greenhouse emissions might be a problem. He continued his bad-mouthing of Kyoto as an economy killer and wants to hold China and India responsible before the U.S. will agree to any curbing of CO2. True leadership would see Kyoto as an economy creator; the next generation of manufacturing will be making renewable energy products like solar panels.

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Bush Speaks at Renewable Energy Conference

bush renewable energy conference Bush Speaks at Renewable Energy Conference

Okay, it’s a bit like seeing your fiancée at your bachelor party, or more like a cannibal enjoying a dinner party, but President George W. Bush attended – and spoke at – the Renewable Energy Conference in Washington last week. The highlights of the Dubya’s remarks included lighting and appliance efficiency, renewable fuels, and tax breaks for investing in fossil fuel alternatives.

Bush also mesmerized the crowd by taking sideways credit for hybrid vehicles, stating, “When I was first elected, there were virtually no hybrids on the roads. Today there is nearly a million.” And then there were his comments about the rise of corn ethanol, which the Bush administration has been touting as the next fuel. He failed to mention the disastrous effects monoculture corn has on the environment, but he did express his concern for cattle and pig ranchers because the price of corn – agribusiness’ main feedstock – is rising.

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