San Francisco Gets the Grease

kitchen oil 02 San Francisco Gets the Grease

San Francisco launched project Greasecycle just before Thanksgiving, a free citywide effort to collect and recycle fryer grease from the city’s restaurants. The city will collect the grease, turn it into biodiesel and power the city’s vehicles with it – including buses and firetrucks. The benefits for the city are twofold: they get an almost-free fuel source that burns cleaner than traditional fuels and they solve the illegal grease-dumping problem. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, illegal grease dumping costs the city about $3.5 million annually by causing “heart attacks” in the sewer system – congealed grease clogging up the works. The city also plans to start picking up household cooking grease in the near future, reminiscent of WWII era bacon grease collection (but back then it was used to make bombs).

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