G Living Room101 | The Method Soap Guys Think Dirty

Method Soap guys Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry on this episode of Room101

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word dirty? Sexy Hot? Madonna? Maybe you visualize old rich men with half naked 20 something girls. What ever popped into your dirty little mind, I bet it wasn’t soap. When the guys at Method (the modern green soap company) think about dirty, they think of nothing but soap and how to make it cleaner, greener and look sexier. Yes sexier, so some of your dirty thoughts where on the right track.

It is this type of clean sexy thinking, that enabled the Method Guys (Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry) to build the 7th fastest growing company in the United States, and the fastest growing company in California. The fastest growing company in California, the home of Apple Computer, and a valley full of tech geeks popping out the latest electronic gadgets that will power our homes and do all the thinking for us, beat out by a couple of guys making soap in their bathtub? Come on, really?! Well according to Adam, that is exactly correct and they fully intend to keep growing their business at record speed, while continuing the path to make their company and their products even greener.

method room101 01 G Living Room101 | The Method Soap Guys Think Dirty

Your standard floor cleaners, soaps, dusters, furniture polishes, glass cleaners and bleaches are packed full of chemicals that do more harm then good.

q question interview G Living Room101 | The Method Soap Guys Think DirtyWhy is running a green soap company a big deal?

a answer interview G Living Room101 | The Method Soap Guys Think DirtyWell, if you look at their competition, you quickly realize these guys are not only making a green company, they are revolutionizing how the standard cleaning products are made. Leaving behind the heavy chemical based products and the mindset that produced those products in the first place, and in the process, they are turning the entire industry on it’s head.

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