Media Watch | Green Solar Job

NBC Nightly News features a bright spot in the jobs market. In a depressed Michigan town called Greensville, new green jobs in the solar industry are booming. The company doing all the hiring is United Solar Ovonic. They manufacture thin film flexible solar panels and they have been working with the city and community college to train a new skilled work force.

The town of 8,000 people was abandoned by their largest employer Electrolux when that company closed the factory and moved it to Mexico, where employees where cheaper. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Green Collar is Here To Stay

green jobs green collar blue collar Green Collar is Here To Stay

It seems we just can’t come up with new clichés anymore. We re-use the same old sayings, inserting new ideas that fit the times. Folks who study the emerging environmental economy are no exception and politicians have fallen right in step, labeling the new working-people’s jobs “Green Collar.”

Who really cares, though? What’s important – and hopefully politicians will really take notice after you-know-who is gone – is that efficiency, renewability, and sustainability, have a place in the economy of the next 50+ years. According to Lois Quam of the investment firm Piper Jaffray, which is pioneering investment funds for renewables, “When I first started looking at this area, many people commented on how this will be as big as the Internet. But this is so much bigger than the Internet. The only comparable example we can find is the Industrial Revolution. It will affect every business and every industry.”

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