Flip & Tumble | The Reusable Bag That Fits Anywhere

fliptumblebag 02 Flip & Tumble | The Reusable Bag That Fits Anywhere

There’s no excuse for not carrying your own reusable shopping bag. Easy words, I know, but now it’s true. The excuse I hear (and use) most often is “I keep forgetting to put the bag in my car” or “It doesn’t fit in my glove box” or “my purse” or “my pocket”.

Clearly, Flip & Tumble had that in mind when they developed their low-density, strong nylon 24-7 bag. Small and lightweight, it’s designed to be with you at all times, whether you keep it in your purse, your backpack – or your car’s cupholder.

How does a reusable bag fit into all those places? Four simple words: scrunch, flip, flip, tumble. (Okay, technically that’s three words. But it’s four procedures.)

When not in use, the 24-7 Flip & Tumble lives in a small ball-shaped pouch only 3” in diameter (approximately the size of a peach). And if you find yourself suddenly buying organic produce on your way home from work, all you need to do is (from the Flip & Tumble site):

fliptumblebag 01 Flip & Tumble | The Reusable Bag That Fits Anywhere

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Media Watch | Lauren Bush Creates The Feed Bag

Ecorazzi enlisted (coco eco magazine founder) Anna Griffin to interview model and activist Lauren Bush at the Whole Foods Lifestyle store in West Hollywood. Lauren and a room full of celebrities, where celebrating the Whole Foods launch of the FEED 100 bag, created by Lauren Bush, and her partner Ellen Gustafson of FEED Projects, a socially conscious company with a commitment to feeding the world.

Some of the celebrities included, Desperate Housewives star, Marcia Cross, and Elizabeth Berkley of Step Up and Dance! Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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