Harvesting Energy From Rainwater

rainwater 001 Harvesting Energy From Rainwater

Energy from rainwater? If you read my blog on harvesting rain, you’re aware of the many possibilities nature provides to supplement our insatiable need for water. But some scientists at Europe’s Atomic Energy commission have taken the idea of utilizing rainwater a step (or ten) further – they’ve figured out a way to harness the energy released as a drop of rain hits a hard surface.

It’s quite simple really. A raindrop has absorbed a significant amount of energy through evaporation. That energy is increased by its height above the ground (anyone remember Potential Energy from Earth Science?). As the drop becomes too heavy to stay in a cloud, the drop begins to realize its potential, and as it hits the earth, it releases that energy in the form of mechanical force. Scientists are using piezoelectric material to capture that force and turn it into electricity.

rainwater 002 Harvesting Energy From Rainwater

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Sustainability From The Sky | Harvesting Rainwater

rainwater 01 Sustainability From The Sky | Harvesting Rainwater

I admit it. I drive a truck to work, by myself, on a 15-mile, one-way commute. Not very green, right? There is a benefit, however. I get to listen to NPR’s “Morning Edition” and gain beneficial insight into the otherwise blasé news world. An interview last week with permaculture expert, Brad Lancaster, turned my attention to the interesting world of water harvesting Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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