Tell The World, I Am The Proud Parent Of My Little Number 2. It’s Colon Cleansing Time!

lets talk poo 03 Tell The World, I Am The Proud Parent Of My Little Number 2. Its Colon Cleansing Time! Monkie Character : Poo

Before I launch or should I say, explode into todays topic, lets take a collective pause. Now this pause isn’t for me, it’s for you. Take a breath, calm your mind, get rid of any images which you might have in your head. Push away any food you may have in front of you. And if your unfortunately eating something which involves chocolate, lick your fingers and swallow that shit before we move.

Okay, so your all zenning out now, right? Feeling comfortable? Your mind is clear and open to new subjects? Good, because the topic for today has got to be my favorite subject in the entire world. I mean we are all the proud parents of this stuff multiple times a day (if your healthy that is). So I say why not sing about it, or in my case, trap some friends at the dinner table or post about it on G Living, right! Okay kids, strap in, here we go…

I am the type of gal who loves to talk about poop. I love it. I just do. My poop, my friend’s poop, my family’s poop, stranger’s poop. When someone’s got a poop question, I am the one they call. I have an enthralling curiosity by, not only what goes into the body, but also what comes out. Yes, my friends, I am here to express and hopefully inspire the importance of embracing your POOP! Well, not literally. I’m talking about inspecting that porcelain throne of yours with scientific excitement. It could teach you a thing or two about what is going on with your internal health. Bring insight to why you are feeling a certain way, how you’re digesting or not digesting foods and most importantly when it’s time for you to do a little Colon Cleanse. Your colon works hard for you each day, so why not take some time and clean that old sh*t outta there!!

I also was feeling a wee bit puffy, bloated, my energy levels were dropping and I wasn’t pooping as good anymore :(

I know, I know I am very discreet. I asked a friend of mine if he finally used the colon cleanse I gave him to do just that and his response was,” Is there a more delicate flower under the sun than you, more precious?” What can I say, I love to talk sh*t…

Well, my exciting poop exploration is exactly what happened to yours truly and what has inspired this post. As some of you know, a few months ago I returned from my fabulous Italian food and wine adventure with gusto and glee. And since getting back, I have continued my Italian eating and drinking vino roll that I adapted to oh so well in Italia. I was enjoying myself and not thinking about what I was eating or how much wine I was drinking. The Italian foodie way smoothly became a part of my lifestyle and my diet consisted of more and more acidic foods I never really ate before I left for Italia. (see chart below for acidic food reference) For awhile I thought, “Damn, how am I not feeling or looking like crap eating and drinking this way?” And then, of course, the inevitable hit me…or, I shall say, the craters hit me…don don donanna…the pimples, yes I said plural, started a comin’!!! I was in high school all over again. Ahhhhhh. I also was feeling a wee bit puffy, bloated, my energy levels were dropping and I wasn’t pooping as good anymore. Huh.
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Nutrition Is Not About Calories {food for thought}

twinkie diet rush limbaugh 27pounds 01 Nutrition Is Not About Calories {food for thought}

These past few days I have come across a few different stories that have touched me in some way or another and I would like to share them. Each totally unrelated yet also very related. They are about nutrition/food, of course but ALSO about finding our ‘purpose’ in this life!

The first is an article from the Washington Post: The new front in the culture wars: food
The next was the Rush Limbaugh show: See, I told you so: twinkie diet
And then, a David Wolfe vblog: Mission and Values {see below}
And finally, this wonderful indie film: The Human Experience {brililant}

All I mainly want to say about Rush’s Show is that I didn’t enjoy even one aspect of it. It gave me that icky feeling I talked about before – sort of a cynical, depressed mood about where we’re at on the food front in our society. Just an overall bad energy and vibe. But, on the other hand, Rush is correct when he conveys that calories in minus calories out is the equation for weight loss. Eating TONS of “health food” won’t necessarily result in weight loss. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. I went from a diet of basically smoothies and salads to no sugar/fruit diet and gained 5 lbs.

Many people associate weight loss with Health. It’s crucial to remember that optimal Health is more than just weight. This is the COMMON simple-minded way of looking at health. The twinkie diet? I mean come on. But, unfortunately, this mentality is not all that out of the ordinary when it comes to most of America. { oh and cholesterol is one of my FAVORITE topics that I will tackle later on.}

This leads me to the Washington Post article and it’s discussion about culture. I often talk about this idea: for our society to REALLY change its diet we would have to completely restructure the foundation of the culture and its value system. The article references the ‘elitist’ connotation that goes along with the idea of ORGANIC food and health food in general. We’ve already debunked this idea awhile ago – the truth is that eating organic healthy food can be affordable and is available to all classes. The reality is, you’d find WAY more people out on Black Friday spending their wads on flat screen TVs than you would on let’s call it Green Monday – a day when Farmer’s Markets were on every corner selling veggies at a discount.

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The Mind Body Balance: Achieving Health and Efficiency

mindbodybalance The Mind Body Balance: Achieving Health and Efficiency

With our global emphasis on green and sustainable living, many people are actively doing their part to engage in “green acts”. Whether it’s recycling, toting reusable grocery bags, there are a number of ways to engage yourself in balanced living.

Seeing Differently

Step 1 to realigning your lifestyle using eco-principles is to begin seeing differently. See your entire existence as emerged within eco-living, rather than you as an individual acting out green acts.

Designer Stuart Haygarth would have taken this advice literally, inventing a sustainable eye glass chandelier that uses 620 pairs of discarded lenses to form a globe-like chandelier. Perhaps his living art is not only an example of using creativity to craft lifestyle choices, but also symbolic of what visionary work we can accomplish if we begin to see a little differently. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Interview with Mike Adams the Health Ranger, founder of Natural News

mike adams interview Interview with Mike Adams the Health Ranger, founder of Natural News

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Our guest today is Mike Adams. Mike is the founder of Truth Publishing, The Consumer Wellness Center and the very popular, Natural News.

Through the vehicle of web and the honesty of his heart, Mike has built a following of millions of health enthusiasts online.

Today we talk to Mike about how his health journey started, the evolution of his online community, his latest hip hop project and his upcoming Health Revolutions Tour. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

The Toxic Body And Your Defense

skin 01 The Toxic Body And Your Defense

With the possible exception of David Beckham, I reckon we all have issues with our bodies. But extra poundage, thinning hair and wrinkles around the eyes seem like small potatoes compared to what researchers call the “Body Burden”.

Even those with little or no known exposure to industrial chemicals may be surprised to learn that their bodies are potentially contaminated with dangerous compounds they never thought possible. The San Francisco Chronicle cites the case of the president/founder of an environmental research institute who, after giving blood and urine samples, found his body “polluted with 101 industrial toxins and penetrated by elevated levels of arsenic and mercury”.

But his is not an isolated case. In the study of nine seemingly healthy people, led by New York’s Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the Environmental Working Group and the nonprofit health and environmental research institute Commonweal, “researchers at two major laboratories found an average of 91 industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals” in the bodies of people who neither work with chemicals nor live near a facility that produces them.

Several of the compounds found in the study were known to cause cancer, birth defects, abnormal human development and damage to the brain and nervous system. The findings were best summed up by a woman who participated in the study: regardless of how safe you imagine your personal environment to be, “we all live in the same chemical neighborhood.”

skin 02 The Toxic Body And Your Defense

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Bestsellers Promote Physical and Spiritual Health

skinnybitch bestseller 002 Bestsellers Promote Physical and Spiritual Health

If you’re the type who looks to the New York Times Best Sellers list for reading ideas, you’re probably feeling very enlightened this week. Human awakening is a dominating theme on this week’s Paperback Advice grouping (four books out of ten, to be exact), celebrating the Skinny Bitches and the concept of a better world.

Two of the top ten titles are the works of author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, who’s teaming up with Oprah Winfrey to offer an exclusive online class on his latest guide, A New Earth.

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Still On The Road

After doing staff trainings in Whole Foods in San Francisco and surrounding area for a week, I attended and spoke at World Vegetarian Day in Golden Gate Park. It was bigger than last year and also spanned two days instead of one. Then it was on to the east coast. Natural Products Expo East was in Baltimore this year, switching for Washington, DC the year before. It was a good event. Lots of knowledgeable people who really knew what they wanted. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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