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Is it possible for a gas station to be green? Can a place designed solely for the dispensation of the stuff we don’t want to breathe actually be good for the environment? That’s like asking if a crack dealer can have a good heart.

But here in L.A., BP’s Helios House professes to be just that. Not great for the environment, mind you — it is, after all, still a gas station — just “a little better”, as one of the two billboards looming above proclaims. It’s a hard pellet to swallow in a city that abuses gas more than any other, but BP’s big green experimental petrol station has endeavored to be as green as possible in terms of its design, building materials and use of resources. Their press release states that “Helios House is testament to BP’s commitment to balancing society’s need for energy with a responsible approach to the environment and is focused on two principles: sustainability and environmental education.”

helios house2 gliving Helios House | Innovative Design

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