Actress Q’orianka Kilcher Scores A Second Honda Fuel Cell Car

qorianka kilcher fcx honda 01 Actress Qorianka Kilcher Scores A Second Honda Fuel Cell Car

Q’orianka sat down with us a while back and told us how much she loved her Honda Fuel Cell (video below). Now it looks like she has scored an upgrade. The new Honda FCX Clarity, which is another million dollar car Honda leases at a major loss, to a few selected individuals. The lucky few all live in California and they serve as beta testers for the technology, as well as sales tools. Seeing them drive around excites a future customer base for Honda.

Here is what Q’orianka said when she picked up the car: “Since my first car was the Honda FCX, I am proud to say that I have never pumped a gallon of gasoline,” said Kilcher. “As a young person, I feel it is my responsibility to always try my best to think about the consequences of my actions and choices as a consumer, and the impact they have on our planet.”

Kilcher, winner of numerous environmental youth awards, is the world’s youngest FCX Clarity owner at 19 years old. The zero-emissions vehicle can be refueled at a Shell hydrogen station in West Los Angeles, which is the first retail hydrogen station to produce hydrogen from water via a roof-mounted electrolysis unit.

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New Honda Concepts | Impressive and Not So

honda crz 01 New Honda Concepts | Impressive and Not So

“For the endless joy of mobility on our earth”. Sounds like the gift of a god or something, right? Like, the great hero Honda, having outrun the titan Lexus, hath brought the joy of mobility back to his people of Oildepentia, thus restoring to the world the great boon of the Sun God, Alternativus Energus Maximus.

Well, it’s not that. It’s the theme of the booth sponsored by Honda at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, held last month in Japan. At the show, Honda unveiled two concept cars onto the world’s automotive stage. The first was the Honda CR-Z, which is basically a hybrid replacement for the widely popular but sadly defunct CRX, the second was the new fuel cell vehicle Puyo.

Both models, as fits their theme, are fun to drive and “G” friendly.

puyo honda 01 New Honda Concepts | Impressive and Not So

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