Dwelling Dock | A Conversation with Matt Allert

dwelldockhome01 Dwelling Dock | A Conversation with Matt Allert

When I asked architect Matt Allert who the ideal inhabitant was for the Dwelling Dock, his super-green pre-fab home, he responded instantly — “Everyone!”

The Dwelling Dock is a green housing concept for which Allert was the recipient of the Cascadia Emerging Green Builders Award, a prize awarded to up-and-coming green architects. I caught up with Allert in his offices at Callison architectural firm to talk about the Dwelling Dock, green building and the climate crisis in general.


“I entered the competition and I was looking to do something that went way beyond what I considered ‘the green band aid’,” says Allert. “I was looking for something that was more fully integrated a way of living.” Not limiting himself to green buildings, Allert researched various kinds of infrastructure in order to come up with a basis for his concept.

Allert notes, “I saw other industries, and I noticed a hydrogen fueling station for the car and thought ‘Hey, wouldn’t that be cool if a house could do that.’ If you had infrastructure that was built — a dwelling — and you could store that power, water, heat all those things the framework or infrastructure naturally collected in the environment in your unit, which is pre-fabricated, and you just plug into that like a car in the fueling station.”

dwelldockhome02 Dwelling Dock | A Conversation with Matt Allert

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