Hugh Jackman as Green Wolverine

wolverine Hugh Jackman as Green Wolverine

Despite his propensity to break into songViva Laughlin had people laughing for all the wrong reasons — we still love Hugh Jackman. The Tony Award-winning boy from Oz is currently in neighboring New Zealand filming the prequel to the outrageously successful X-Men trilogy, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” — which, we’re happy to report, is being done green.

With principal photography taking place in the pristine wilderness of Queenstown in the South Island, “Wolverine” will provide a template or a “green screen” which future productions must adhere to. “A movie of this nature is a huge undertaking,” said district council waste minimization manager Stefan Bowry, one “that might involve remote catering for hundreds of cast and crew, administration, set building, construction and painting. The potential for recycling is enormous.”

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