Fuel Economy Standards Slows V-8s

v8 engine hummer 01 Fuel Economy Standards Slows V 8s

I’m surprised how many V-8 engines I see driving around the city looking for any opportunity to speed up. You’d think they’d be the minority, a relic. Or even outlawed altogether. As GM, Ford, and Chrysler promote smaller engines and alternative fuel vehicles to comply with the 35 mpg legislation, you’d think fans of muscle cars and the V8 engine would be worried.

But as far as I can tell, this new legislation doesn’t mean that every car rolling off the assembly line in years to come must achieve 35 mpg. Automakers simply have to reduce the average fuel economy of their entire fleets. It’s a fleet average. Therefore, those who (for whatever reason) feel they really need a more powerful engine will still be able to have it.

v8 engine hummer 02 Fuel Economy Standards Slows V 8s

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