GreenChef Juli {Kookie Karma} Wants Your “G” Family!

juli novotny puremamas 01 GreenChef Juli {Kookie Karma} Wants Your G Family!

Attention “G” Moms / Dads, Juli Novotny, one of our very own GreenChefs, is busy building her own “G” space on the internet called Puremamas. Her site is completely focuses on “G” children and families. Part her blog is focused on decor, where she features new families and their eco modern interior designs! You know, she basically is doing a mini dwell thing. Seeking out cool design ideas people put together as their families grow. Is your babies room vogue / dwell worthy? Great, Juli would love to see all your hard work.

If you would like your nursery, children’s room or play room to be a part of it, she’d LOVE to feature you. So much so, in fact that she will also send you free Kookie Karma (which are soooo good by the way) products if she uses your images and story on her blog. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Kookie Karma Kookie’s, Hmm Legal Healthy Monkie Crack

kookie karma monkie crack 01 Kookie Karma Kookies, Hmm Legal Healthy Monkie Crack

Let me start this post by saying, I love Kookie Karma Kookies, and yes, I am addict. Oh don’t feel sorry for me. I don’t need a 12 step program to clean up my addiction. No I need more room in my fridge. Here is why, the more my addiction grows, the healthier I become. Okay, maybe there is a limit to what my Organic Del Forte Jeans can contain, but I haven’t found it yet. Hey, the seams are meant to look in distress. No comments please!

But here is the deal, these Kookie’s are Low-Carb! Yes “Low-carb” and “cookies” don’t usually go too well together. It’s either pure white flour indulgence or some half-baked tasteless cardboard rock claiming to be “healthy,” while only half-true and not the least bit enjoyable anyways. Juli Novotny has created something entirely different and she has called her treats “kookies” as the healthy alternative to cookies.

While they don’t taste exactly like cookies, they are not supposed to. Kookie Karma cookies taste like indulgent dessert versions of the finest whole food bars. They sell these at my Whole Foods, of course, right smack in front of every cash register as you check out to tempt you to splurge. I’ve tried the Raw Cherry Cashew, the Raw Granola Bar, the Raw Lemon Fig and the Holistic Chocolate Chip. I can’t wait to try all the flavors. The Holistic Chocolate Chip is not a raw one. There is quite a bit of natural sea salt in it, which makes it surprisingly good.

kookie karma monkie crack 02 Kookie Karma Kookies, Hmm Legal Healthy Monkie Crack  Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Juli Novotny of Kookie Karma Joins G Living

kookie karma monkie crack 02 Juli Novotny of Kookie Karma Joins G Living

Juli Novotny has joined G Living as a regular contributor to Green Chefs and our G Living Editorials. Juli will also be joining us on G Living Live in upcoming shows and demonstrating how she makes her famous raw cookies!

Juli Novotny is the Founder and President of Kookie Karma, my favorite raw food cookie. These healthy cookies are gaining popularity with health-conscious crowds. They are well stocked and in high demand at Whole Foods and many other organic food grocers. Some of the flavors include Cherry Cashew, Banana Bread, Lemon Fig, Carob Truffle and Granola Bar.

Juli started the company herself several years ago making the cookies with just a few flavors. She created the cookies from spending hours in her kitchen experimenting with raw ingredients. Now she has a team of 6 making them out of their own commercial kitchen with over 8 flavors and a new line of raw cereals and crackers. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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