The LRX | A Very Different Land Rover

lrx The LRX | A Very Different Land Rover

Does small mean economical? Sometimes. Does it equate to environmental friendliness? Not necessarily. In the case of the new Land Rover LRX, the jury’s still out. Land Rover recently announced the new concept LRX, claiming the car will appeal to the luxury and executive sector, as well as those wanting a compact.

Really? While I can’t recall the last time I saw a CEO driving from a board meeting to the Ritz in a sturdy little compact, I’m willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

According to Phil Popham, Land Rover’s managing director (via their website), “The LRX concept delivers the powerful message that we are as serious about sustainability as we are confident about the continuing relevance and desirability of our vehicles. The LRX is in every respect a Land Rover, but it’s a very different Land Rover.”

lrx 001 The LRX | A Very Different Land Rover

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