The Real G Tours The Wired LivingHome & Meets The Minds Behind The Project

Modern? Luxury? Green? Wow. Sounds like a job for G Living! And send me, please. We’re excited to be invited to the first ever Wired LivingHome. Off to Brentwood, California, taking you (wherever you are) to a residence that promises to serve as the benchmark for how we can live NOW. The future is here. NOW. We may not be fulfilling upon my vision of the future: the Jetsons with flying cars and instant pill meals (just add water)… but iPhones and electric cars come pretty close, and if you’re a total construction/architecture slut like me, these homes (if you’ve never seen one) make me want to swear. They’re cool. And this one is open to the public. We can get in, and you can, too.

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Chris Sorensen – Painting the Town Green

the siemon house 001 Chris Sorensen   Painting the Town Green

Architect Chris Sorensen, the mind and soul behind Sorensen Architects, is painting the town green with his efforts to literally shape Malibu into a more modern, progressive place.

When it comes to building or renovating homes, “most people don’t have a clue about the more sustainable, greener building material alternatives out there,” says Sorensen. “That’s why it’s our responsibility as the architects to inform our clients about their options.”

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Water Theater Provides Fresh Water and Entertainment

eco water theater 003 Water Theater Provides Fresh Water and Entertainment

Here’s an example of cool architecture that multi-tasks.

In an attempt to revamp the harbour area of Las Palmas in Spain’s Canary Islands, Nicholas Grimshaw of Grimshaw Architects designed a stunning water theater that expands on the Seawater Greenhouse concept and takes full advantage of the area’s steep beaches, prominent winds and abundant sunshine.

Utilizing these renewable energies, the structure uses vertically stacked evaporators and condensers to convert sea water into fresh water. The roof collects solar heat, which is fed into a distiller, which freshens the water – which is then used to irrigate crops and help moderate the hot, arid climate.

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MoMA | Pre-Fab Exhibition

moma prefab architecture exhibition 02 MoMA | Pre Fab Exhibition

If you’ve ever been curious about pre-fab housing, here’s your chance to get up close and personal with the latest and greatest in sustainable architecture. From July 20 to October 20, The Museum of Modern Art will showcase its “Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling” exhibition, where there will be an off-site installation on a scale you’ll have to see to believe.

moma prefab architecture exhibition 01 MoMA | Pre Fab Exhibition

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