Designer Mushrooms See The Light

mushroom led lamp 02 Designer Mushrooms See The Light

When you think of mushrooms, you think of dark, dank environments. I should know, as a child we grew some in our kitchen cupboard under the watchful eye of my mother. (Here’s a tip, kids: never complain of being bored, or there’s a chance you’ll be roped into “fun” experiments such as home mushroom cultivation.)

But now, a designer from Down Under has flipped this concept on its head. The mushroom floor lamp is the brainchild of Australian designer Simon Duff, whose innovative designs promise to illuminate any dark, dank environment. Embedded in the mushrooms gills are low wattage LED lights, which offer the user the ability to change color and intensify the light source. The good part is, not only can you create your own mood lighting, you’ll be doing so in an energy efficient way.

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Paperclip Lamp | Not For Craigslist

paperclip lamp 001 Paperclip Lamp | Not For Craigslist

You may have heard of Kyle MacDonald, the guy who traded a red paperclip for a house on Craigslist. It was last year’s light news day darling: “We’ll leave you with an incredible tale of… blah, blah.” Well, after 14 trades, Kyle now owns a house in the town of Kipling Saskatchewan (wherever the hell that is). The point is this: that guy missed the point. The paperclip is a thing of beauty. If you ask me, he should have held on to it.

Luckily for us, the visionaries at Seattle-based Teague Design saw the inherent beauty of this everyday object. Born from an innovative internal program designed to nurture creativity, the paperclip lamp debuted at the Seattle DWR Lighting Exhibition and after gaining recognition internally shone at the Korean Gwangju Design Biennale, a festival which puts 21st century design trends under the spotlight.

paperclip lamp 002 Paperclip Lamp | Not For Craigslist

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LED Pear Tree Light Glows

led pear lamp 03 LED Pear Tree Light Glows

Nick Foley, a New York industrial design student, has added another artistic light fixture to his portfolio. His latest design is an artistic hand-forged hollow steel tree that serves as the charging station for three urethane pear-shaped lights. He states, “Each pear contains ten ultra bright white LEDs, an autonomous charging circuit, and rare-earth magnets that allow it to be ‘picked’ from the tree and remain fully illuminated for over an hour.”

The design and concept are quite innovative and unique. I’m not sure of the practicality of plucking glowing bulbs from the tree rather than grabbing a flashlight, but I have to admit it would make quite a conversation piece. In addition, anytime you have the opportunity to use an art piece as a functional accessory, it gives you the best of both worlds.

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