Michelle Brand | Unbottling the Light

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Inspiration can sometimes strike in the most unexpected and mundane of places.Take for example, London based artist Michelle Brand, who discovered her muse at the bottom of a discarded plastic water bottle, then transforms such disposables into stunning pieces, like these Blossom lights that cast a soft, moody glow with the help of energy-conscious LEDs. Doesn’t everything deserve a second chance?

From bins and buildings in and around Manchester, she scores her raw materials, which she cuts, sands down and “tags” into a variety of light-catching fabrics and forms. She’s designed a range of decorative home products such as window screens, room dividers, even greeting cards.

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Michelle’s fantastic plastic pieces for home are available through MakeMe Buy in the UK. Or if you’re in more of a giving mood, you can donate your cast off containers to Michelle for use in future projects — assuming you live locally of course.

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