The Freakin Blood Sucker Isn’t Dead Just Yet, We Have A Beat

v blak has a heart 02 The Freakin Blood Sucker Isn’t Dead Just Yet, We Have A BeatPhotographer: V Ol Blak

My name is V Blakheart or V Blak for short. A name which speaks volumes about what I have become. I am the perfect example of the typical cold hearted, logic base being, better known as a devolving, genetic, bag, sack, a.k.a. A DGBS Flesh Monkie, in Monkie jargon that is. Or if you are a member of the Red Monkie clan, I would be known as a bar bq sauce receptor or a BBSR Light Skin. Being a DGBS, I have lost control of some of my vital organs and yes this includes the freakin heart. Actually, the nano Genetic Mobile Modifier Implant (Gi Plug), targets the heart first. It’s the most troubling and toughest organ to monkify. Hence the Monkies like to get the blood sucker under control, before moving on to easier targets, such as your digestive system, tongue and those pesky organs involved in human self reproduction.

I am breaking my silence today and coming forward to tell you I don’t quite know what is going on. I am feeling something different. I know my Gi Plug is still active and in place. I can see it growing in size with each passing minute, day, and month. Clearly indicating, my progression or transformation into my final form, which if all goes well, will be that of a N.N.B. Monkie (New Nano Brain Monkie). All newly monkied beings start off this way. It’s impossible for the Gi Plug to develop a fully mature L/B. The logic brain simply takes years to achieve its full potential. It’s only after thousands of hours of tapping into the Akashic Field and the sampling of other genetic elements from the beings surrounding ones self, do you achieve the full Monkie L/Brain.

But enough of that and let me get to my point before I lose half of you Fleshies to boredom. The title of this post is, The Freakin Blood Sucker Isn’t Dead Just Yet, We Have A Beat. I know most of you thought I was going to write about the pet flee band, my dog Basil lugs around, but not today, we will get to the White Lies a little later. Today I am writing about my own long believed dead organic blood pumping, emotion emanating organ known as my heart. A post from the heart about the heart, pathetic.

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