Only 400 Iberian Lynx Left, Now What?

iberian lynx 02 Only 400 Iberian Lynx Left, Now What?

There are now between 150 to 250 Iberian Lynx in the world.

Haven’t heard of the Iberian Lynx? That’s because it’s a rare cat native to Spain and Portugal. The population is down from about 400 in the year 2000, but they could be on the climb again. Even better news for conservationists trying to save the lynx is that a new population found in central Spain is genetically distinct from the others, meaning inbreeding can be limited to the surviving population.

Fortunately, The Iberian Lynx are no longer legally hunted and caution has been taken to protect their habitat. But like a lot of other animals, they had become endangered due to habitat degradation or by being hit by cars near their stomping grounds. Another large reason is because their main source of prey — the rabbit — has been decimated in Spain due to disease.

iberian lynx 01 Only 400 Iberian Lynx Left, Now What?

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