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If yurts intrigue you but you’re not ready to be a canvass dweller, the Wall home by Chilean-based FAR architects might be for you. The design is based on the idea that homes should not draw such distinct lines between inside and outside; instead there should be a gentle transition. To create this transition, the house is built in layers — four layers to be exact.

Pretty cool idea, huh? Here’s how it works…

The first layer forms the core. Made from concrete, the “Cave” is home to two bathrooms, which are covered completely in ceramic tiles. The second layer is made from engineered wood and plywood, forming stacked shelves that surround the home’s traditional rooms. The third layer is a translucent shell made from high-strength plastic panels that let in plenty of light and wrap the house in sunshine. The layer four is made of fabric that both filters solar energy and keeps out nasty flying pests.

chilean wall house minimalist 02 Chilean Wall House | Minimalists Take Notice

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