Australian Mining | Making A Buck at Nature’s Expense?

australian mine 01 Australian Mining | Making A Buck at Nature’s Expense?

Here’s a hot topic from down under. Port Hedland, the largest town in Western Australia, has become known as the center for Australia’s major mining industry growth. China’s high demand for copper, aluminum, iron and gold are influencing the need to grow the industry and build even more mining operations throughout the area.

On the upside, the mining industry provides high paying jobs and millions of dollars to both the mining industry and the government. The downside is the high price paid by the people of Port Hedland.

The hotels and youth hostels that were once filled with tourists and youth are now being occupied by mining employees. Tourists have to stay in tents on the grounds of a local racetrack if they need a place to stay and are too tired to drive to the next town. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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