When You Need A Mobile Home But Hate Mobile Homes | The Canadian Mini Home

mini home 03 When You Need A Mobile Home But Hate Mobile Homes | The Canadian Mini Home

Pre-fab homes have been around for a while now, but here’s one worth watching on video. This design is called Mini Home, and as you can see, it’s well named. The design is basically a well-insulated trailer, with some smart design choices and green building materials. This trailer isn’t too different from a regular trailer you might find on a Texas lot, except for the materials and tasteful design. The one big difference is the cost. This trailer is coming in at $400 plus a square foot, which is amazingly high, even for a specialty trailer.

Here in L.A. the average house is coming in at $200 to $250 per square foot on the West Side, and the luxury ones are coming in at $350 to $500, depending on land cost and finishes. So, $400 for a small box is a lot. But with the economics aside, the idea is great and the intention is amazing. So, we hope the price can drop and the design expanded. We would love to see more sections working together to make up a whole house. Maybe two or three modules.

After the jump to the next page, there is a video by HGTV about the mini home. You get a full tour.

mini home 01 When You Need A Mobile Home But Hate Mobile Homes | The Canadian Mini Home

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TrailerWrap | Re-Fab Not Prefab

trailer wrap1 TrailerWrap | Re Fab Not Prefab

Has TrailerWrap bitten off more than they can chew? The concept of environmentally responsible housing re-fabricated from abandoned mobile homes is one thing, but their aim to alter the public’s opinion of trailer parks through design seems quite another undertaking.

But not to me. Having been raised in a cozy Midwestern college town, I grew up with a bit of a trailer park fantasy. It seemed the perfect alternative to overly spread-out suburbia – its own tiny encapsulated world within another, bigger world. I also liked the notion that you could enjoy the comfort of your home just about anywhere on the continental land mass so long as your vehicle had a hitch on the back.

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