Behind the (Green) Scenes of Evan Almighty

ark lead Behind the (Green) Scenes of Evan Almighty

Thinking about seeing the new comedy Evan Almighty this weekend? If so you may be happy to know that your ticket purchase will be supporting Hollywood’s first official “green movie.” Evan Almighty tells the story of newly elected Congressman Evan Baxter (played by Steve Carell), whose life turns topsy-turvy when God (played by Morgan Freeman) appears and summons him to build a modern-day ark to save the world from a great flood. Lucky for Evan, help behind the scenes made sure the on-screen ark would be a sustainable one.

Director Tom Shadyac wanted the film’s production to be in line with the film’s subtle green theme so he instituted several practices to minimize the environmental impact of production. Recycled paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass were used on the set. Shadyac even bought mountain bikes for the crew members to reduce their dependence on gasoline while shooting. Trees were planted near the site of the ark as a personal thank you to the local community of Crozier, Virginia where the film was shot. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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