Is It Wrong To Still Love Depeche Mode?

depeche mode soundsoftheuniverse wrong 01 Is It Wrong To Still Love Depeche Mode?

I thought maybe you needed a music break, so I dug up a little Depeche Mode. I have always been into their music, since the very beginning. But it wasn’t until the live concert album 101, that I officially became a Mode Monkie. That album seem to speak volumes about my own life. Every song seem to touch on a subject which I myself was struggling with. I was in my mid teens and still figuring out what the hell this world was all about. Who is this god everyone seems to blindly believe in and if he is so good, why is our world so screwed up? This is the same question the song Blasphemous Rumours had the courage to ask about.

It’s amazing after all these years, they are still cranking out powerful music. Their latest release is called Sounds of the Universe. They decided to sell the album before they even finished it on Apples iTunes. If you purchased it in advance, you actually got two albums, with songs, remixes and videos. The cool part was, as they finished something you instantly got it. You didn’t have to wait until some official release date when everything was done. After the official release date, all the extra’s disappeared. If you waited to long, you lost out. I guess that was their way of rewarding the devoted fans. People who trust them and actually paid in advance. I am glad I was one of the devoted. I have an extra 10 songs / remixes and behind the scene videos of them making the album. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

I posted a live performance video below for the first single called Wrong. After the jump I posted several more classics. Now click play and get your mode on!


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G Monkie’s Not So Secret Love For Lykke Li

lykke li 001 G Monkies Not So Secret Love For Lykke Li

So, it is out in the open, I am confessing once again my un-shakable love for Lykke Li. I love everything about them, including their strange odd take music and visuals. There is just something about the entire bands weird geeky take on being a band. They dance around in their underwear, in some ones, one room apartment, while filming it, to make a music video. How could they possibly think that was going to be be cool? But of course it was, right?

Well, here are a few more videos of Lykke Li, including a live performance on some Holland Tv Show. More videos after the jump. Also, checkout my previous post about the very monkie band.

More videos after the jump.

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Ewan Pearson | Dynamic Pop-Fuelled Reworks

ewan Ewan Pearson | Dynamic Pop Fuelled Reworks

Review by Craig Roseberry, BPM Magazine

Since bursting onto the music scene in 1998, Ewan Pearson has established himself as a versatile producer/remixer and DJ with a boundless, esoteric musical aesthetic. His uniqueness? Bridging the gap between house, disco, electro, dance rock and mainstream pop (often with radical results). He has programmed for Goldfrapp and Gwen Stefani and his production credits include Tracey Thorn’s acclaimed solo debut, Out Of The Woods, The Rapture’s Pieces of the People We Love and timeless original works as Maas, World of Apples, Partial Arts (with collaborator Al Usher), as well as under his own name. His remixes for Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Pet Shop Boys, Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp, Moby, and Freeform 5 have made him one of dance music’s most respected and sought-after producers.

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G Monkie Latest Music Infection | The Duke Spirit

I don’t know what my life would be like without the presence of music. For me music is what keeps me going, it seems to some how make everything new again. For me music is the pure energy that drives me to see things a new and enables me to imagine what can be.

Some of the most powerful music which has shaped my life was created by such bands as The Clash, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, U2, Elliott Smith, Eurythmics (the 1984 Album), Nine Inch Nails, Madonna, Morrissey, New Order, Tears for Fears, Pearl Jam and Nirvana, to just name a few. All of these bands have created music which deeply changed how I feel about my inner world. In many ways the music has shaped me and made me a darker and cooler monkie.

So for me, discovering new music which somehow spreads a pleasurable infection throughout my brain, is very exciting. So much so, that I always feel compelled to pass on the infection as quickly as possible. Most of the time, I would simply focus on torturing the office monkies, by becoming the office music dictator. Playing nothing but the latest g monkie soundtrack again and again and again, for days, until I see trademark signs of the soft blue brain, swaying of the head, and tapping of the legs. All clear signs of an infected monkie brain.

But as of late, with the world crumbling around all our feet, there isn’t really that many Monkie brains in the office to expose. I am left with with the feeble attempts to blue the brains of who ever comes to the door, and that includes those hard to trap UPS and FedEx guys. So now what? Who’s brains can I soften and blue up with the music of the Monkie? Hmm, how about your monkie brain! Well, I mean yours’ and the millions other brains which some how find their way to Which may or may not be monkie brains I admit, but with that many possible monkie brains focused on the words, sounds and visuals being generated by The G Living Monkies, I am bound to soften and blue the brains of one or two of you out there. Right?

dukespirit G Monkie Latest Music Infection | The Duke Spirit

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BPM G | Green Lifestyle Through A Different Lens

bpmg issue3 08 BPM G | Green Lifestyle Through A Different Lens

While living green means making healthier choices for ourselves and for the planet, living “G” is about so much more. As the definitive voice for the modern urban human, the latest collaboration of G Living and BPM magazine takes you up close and personal to the latest in sustainable architecture and brings you functional, sleek and affordable gadgets that will take you beyond the ever-growing edge of off-the-grid living. And that’s only on the first few pages.

It’s beyond in-your-face. It’s in your life. And it’s within your grasp.

For example, did you know there was a company in Venice, California that produces ecologically based sports gear? Arbor Sports rocks everything from the waves to the slopes with natural materials like sustainable bamboo and koa. Not only do they manufacture the hippest, cleanest looking boards and accessories, they guarantee that your inward heelflip will have a conscience.

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Dave Gahan | Melancholic Introspection

dave gahan Dave Gahan | Melancholic Introspection

Review by Craig Roseberry, BPM Magazine

Depeche Mode frontman, Dave Gahan, journeys inward on his brooding sophomore album, Hourglass. The harrowingly candid opus offers an unfettered glimpse into the artist’s tormented and, often, volatile psyche, revealing a flawed man battling inner demons and salacious desires while coming to terms with maturity, Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Radiohead Tour Impacts On The Planet

radiohead 02 Radiohead Tour Impacts On The Planet

Are musical trailblazers Radiohead going to revolutionize the entire world or just the music industry? The band is currently rocking the business side — first with the digital download of their latest album, In Rainbows, released sans label earlier this year, and now the touring aspect. The British five-piece commissioned a carbon audit of their last two U.S. tours in an effort to reduce the impact of their upcoming one.

Oxford company Best Foot Forward compared two different types of American tours: the out-of-town/Amphitheater tour of 2003, and city centers/Theater tour of 2006. To calculate the total footprint of each, the band took into consideration their own output as well as that of their fans — making some assumptions along the way, like “how they travel and how much beer they drank when they got to the show”.

radiohead 01 Radiohead Tour Impacts On The Planet

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The Real G! | Music Guest | Great Northern

Part 1

Part 2

On this edition of The Real G! Boise and Sarah talk to the up and coming hit writing band, Great Northern. They talk about their hit indie song, HOME and how they add little green touches to their lives.

(Links: Full Story about Great Northern)

Great Northern | East of Wilton

greatnorthern bandphoto 06 Great Northern | East of Wilton

I’m outnumbered by the West of Lincoln posse at G Living, and when it comes to commuting – sure, cycling to work beats bumper to bumper traffic. But when it comes to music, being East of Wilton (self-coined, you like?) literally rocks. Silverlake and its surrounds is the epicenter of the L.A. music scene — home to cool bands and artists like Silversun Pickups, Lavender Diamond, not to mention Elliott Smith. East of Wilton is where it’s at to catch a live gig any night of the week. Not to mention the annual Sunset Junction festival.

We were all utterly spoiled by Great Northern’s performance in our kitchen studio this week. I mean, when do you get a slice of Spaceland in your own space? Our private concert consisted of two melodic tracks from their Trading Twilight for Daylight album, “Just A Dream” and “Home”, which is getting massive airplay on KCRW and Indie 103.1 FM.

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The Real G | Rock Star MoZella Plays Live In Our Studio

I was so moved the first time I heard the effecting lyrics of MoZella’s “Killing Time” that I had to do an immediate internet search to find out more about this mystery singer/songwriter.

MoZella is one of the freshest and most interesting voices to emerge onto the music scene. A Detroit Native — and hello! Detroit rocks… maybe you’ve heard of The White Stripes, Kid Rock (yuck!) and Madonna, all from Detroit — she lives her life under the inspiring motto “I will”. I wish I had this much determination. I’m more of an “I might” person. MoZella has a truly unique voice, a combination of R&B soul inflections and blue collar white rock, all coming from a childhood steeped in the music of her hometown.

mozella 003 The Real G | Rock Star MoZella Plays Live In Our Studio

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Currently Energizing G Monkey, Shut Up and Let Me Go! by THE TING TINGS

ting tings rocking gliving 01 Currently Energizing G Monkey, Shut Up and Let Me Go! by THE TING TINGS

Working here at G Living requires endless hours of researching, designing, shooting, programming, seeking out new revenue streams and of course editing. And to keep going day after day, we need some really good music, to keep our brains pumping along. Basically we are powered by the beat of the music, which we call G/Soundtrack and loads of Espresso via our talking espresso maker JOE. And when we come a cross something extra special that just seems to make us forget about all the hours, days and years that are flying by, we are compelled to pass it along to you.

This week, thanks to the new itunes ad, we are being powered via The Ting Tings. Checkout their itunes ad and a few live performances via youtube. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Eric Lau / Serves Up A Real UK/China Mix / New Territories

ericlau Eric Lau / Serves Up A Real UK/China Mix / New Territories

Review by Jesse Mann, BPM Magazine

Eric Lau is a young beat maker with musical roots firmly planted in the UK and his native China. New Territories, his debut album, bridges that gap through the realm of soulful hip-hop and newjack soul. At times echoing labelmates Platinum Pied Pipers and the slower tempos of the West London breakbeat scene, it’s also probably what it would sound like if the late, great J Dilla decided to make an album of love songs.

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