Pre-Mourn For Future Extinctions By Learning About Past Extinctions | The Soviet Muskox & The Mammoth

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Why is it that us humans seem to always worry about what we have lost and not about the things we have? Follow me on this, today we still have oceans teaming with extraordinary life forms. Which we know very little about of course and yet we allow factory fishing fleets and polluters to destroy at will. We allow this to happen because, we actually don’t care about the oceans, right now. We don’t care, because we still have them. But once they are gone, watch out, our mourning phase will kick in we will do everything in our power to bring it back. Of course we will fail and realize it would have been cheaper to just protect it in the first place, but we always realize that a little to late. Doesn’t that sound exactly like us? You have to wonder why the hell we are this thick in the head.

This is why I love documentary series, which enable us to have that roller coaster experience in just an hour. This way, we can mourn before we wipe out the oceans, skies, forest and the animals.

muskox Pre Mourn For Future Extinctions By Learning About Past Extinctions | The Soviet Muskox & The Mammoth

This Natural Kingdom documentary focuses on the exotic tundra of eastern Siberia and a Canadian scientific team exploring the idea of bringing back the long extinct Wooly Mammoth. Featuring original footage of Muskox in the Siberian Badlands, The Soviet Muskox is the epic journey of the returning Muskox and the secret world into which they were placed and includes the dramatic new discovery of the spectacular Nickolai Mammoth.

For explorer Bernard Buigues and paleontologist Dick Mol, the reintroduction of the muskox suggests that mammoths, if they were cloned, could also walk again on the tundra. But for the indigenous reindeer herders of the Taimyr, the return of the muskox holds a different meaning. Are the muskox an ill omen or helping to reveal the land?

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