Quest Looks At Creating Marine Protection Areas

marine reserve california 02 Quest Looks At Creating Marine Protection Areas

I have lived in Venice California for over 10 years now and I have to tell you the water off the coast is just plain dirty. With all the trash, oil and other garbage running out of the storm drains into our ocean, it can’t handle the overload. It makes me wonder what it is like to have to live in those waters. Well, I guess the State is finally waking up and has started working on new programs to protect areas of the ocean completely. Protection from pollution and fishing.

Quest: The waters off the coast of California are some of the richest in the world. But declines in fish species have led state leaders to begin creating large protected areas, or “no fishing zones,” similar to wilderness areas on land. Although controversial with some fishing groups, the idea is to protect entire ecosystems instead of single species. The hope is that a statewide network may help bring back fish, birds and marine mammals that are currently on the brink.

Through the eyes of these scientists, we witness the undersea life in bloom. They clearly have one of the best offices to go to work to each day.

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