Urban Green Clothing Company NAU, Blogs About True Cost Of Their Products

nau truecost 01 Urban Green Clothing Company NAU, Blogs About True Cost Of Their Products

NAU reached out to its customers today in an effort to have an open honest conversation about the true cost of the clothing on our backs. We thought this would be great opportunity for NAU to speak directly to all consumers, not just their current customers. And yes, many staff members here at G Living are current customers. I myself own more than 30 NAU Clothing items and you will see me in a NAU shirt most days of the week. So, I guess you can say I am more than a little curious to hear what they have to say. I understand the issue of cost and find myself weighing cost vs usage. How many times will I really wear something and what does that cost workout to be. Most of the time it works out to be pennies, so it makes it worth the up front investment.

Tell us what you think about pricing of green clothing. If you have an opinion, please say something in the comments.

The following is from nau.com about us section: The post is titled, Our case for a new value equation.

In any economic climate, and particularly in one as difficult as this, it’s natural to consider the price of the products we buy, and whether their value justifies their cost. In recent months, we’ve received a number of comments on The Thought Kitchen regarding the prices for Nau products. One poster commented that “the clothing is great and unique but the pricing is outrageous,” while another wrote “You have to own the grid to afford those prices.” At Nau, we’re big believers in making considered choices, so we understand our customers’ desire to understand what value our prices reflect. So here’s a look at the true cost of producing Nau clothing.

nau truecost 02 Urban Green Clothing Company NAU, Blogs About True Cost Of Their Products

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Nau | As Sustainable As The Great Outdoors

nau 01 Nau | As Sustainable As The Great Outdoors

“Who says innovative outdoor apparel has to clash with the environment?” asks Nau as they proudly showcase their new men’s Fall collection.

I’m a big fan of Nau – both as a clothing line and as a philosophy. Great clothes, great values. Offering functional designs inspired by the balance of beauty, performance and sustainability, their new men’s collection blends style and substance with a hipness that represents the next generation – a generation striving to save the world.

And since fall is my favorite time of year, it’s the season I get most excited about fashion-wise. Sweaters, jackets and various insulators are what Nau is proffering this season – each with their signature simplicity that allows for versatility, multi-functionality while offering no style compromise. And the cool thing about Nau is that their items are produced from organic, recycled, or surplus materials. Using sustainable fabrics and keeping in mind each garment’s full life cycle, the designers at Nau are on the fashion balance beam, tottering between cutting edge and classic.

nau 02 Nau | As Sustainable As The Great Outdoors

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