Great Reasons To Start A Garden

starting a garden05 Great Reasons To Start A Garden

The first step in starting a garden is taking the first step. Simply and easily.


When people say “I’ve always wanted to grow my own food,” the most commonly stated obstacles that follow are “but I don’t own my own place” or “I don’t want to bother in a rental,” or “I don’t have the time” or “the space” or “the money.”

And while these considerations are valid, they’re not insurmountable. I’ve started nine gardens in the last 13 years – at times growing as much as 90% of my own food – and I haven’t owned any of the properties I planted and beautified. Starting a garden is not like building an addition onto your apartment. And yes, it can be difficult to leave your work behind when you move, but the rewards of initiating the project are more than worth the effort. We all leave things behind, whether it be garbage, junk cars or trails of gossip. I prefer to leave abundant food gardens, beautiful flowers or promising fruit trees.

starting a garden03 Great Reasons To Start A Garden

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