Carl Sagan Warns Us About Global Warming Back in 1989 on CNN

carlsagon nasa 01 Carl Sagan Warns Us About Global Warming Back in 1989 on CNN Photographer: (CC)

In this five part video interview on CNN, Carl Sagan talks with Ted Turner about Global Warming, CO2 gas and the insane idea of nuclear war. He quickly illustrates how just a few hundred nuclear weapons would create a nuclear winter, which would not only destroy the nation on the receiving end of the bombs, but also the nation who launched them. All of this makes me think about how short term greed by the small number of people at the top, effects us all. Instead of using our minds and abilities to build a green future, we waste our time thinking of new ways to destroy the only planet we can call home.

For me, this video makes me reflect on the current focus of the green movement. Yes, organic food and cool modern green homes are important steps to a green future. But if we continue to turn a blind eye to the massive waste of human capital, money and resources in the pursuit of war, we won’t have a planet left, let alone a green one. (4 more videos after the jump)

Carl Sagan and Ted Turner Conversation Part 1

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Doesn’t Getting Nuked Sound Great?

nuclear plant 01 Doesnt Getting Nuked Sound Great?

Is it just me or when you hear the words “Three Mile Island” you think of a nuclear disaster? Though that label may be technically correct, the truth is not one person died at Three Mile Island. Not one person was even injured.

I may have only been 5, but I am usually a somewhat more astute historian, as I thought Three Mile Island was some sort of nuclear holocaust. I thought there were at least some people who melted. To say that someone’s publicity team didn’t do a very good job of spinning that story is perhaps an understatement. If I’m your average consumer, and you add Chernobyl into the marketing mix, you’ve got yourself one very wary nuclear public. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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