Kathy’s NYC Walking “G” Tour Of The Lower East Side

vegan shopping lower east side nyc 01 Kathys NYC Walking G Tour Of The Lower East SidePhotography Kathy Patalsky

One of my favorite “G”-friendly neighborhoods in New York City is the lower east side, LES. Whenever I get the chance, I stroll through the gritty, cobblestone streets, peruse the quaint shops and get some tasty treats. ..that like totally rhymed.

Here is my vegan tour of the LES – I’ll let you in on a few of my favorite vegan-friendly spots . Where to eat, where to drink and where to meet the cutest shop-kitties around..

There’s a lot to discover on the vegan-friendly lower east side. Vegan cupcakes, music, fashion, drinks, and even adorable kitties in vegan shoe boxes (more on this in #2!)..

My Hood. It’s true what they say about NYC. When you live here, you tend to stick to your own hood. Months will pass where I won’t visit the upper west or east sides. Or Tribeca. Or sadly, even Central Park! But that is why it is pretty much essential to force yourself to get out of your own neighborhood and visit some fave spots.

And if you are an NYC tourist – well you definitely have an excuse to spread out and see all this town has to offer. Including the LES.

For a few years I lived right in the heart of the lower east side neighborhood. So I was spoiled: Babycakes at least once a week, soy chai from Teany, MooShoes perusing whenever I pleased. And of course now that we moved to a new neighborhood, I miss having easy access to those spots. So next time you are in NYC I hope you will check out my lower east side faves and think of me.

Kathy’s Vegan Faves: Lower East Side, NYC

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