GreenChefs | Jerusalem Style Dolma With Zesty Pine Nut Cheese and Sweet Pepper Sauce

omid dolma 01 GreenChefs | Jerusalem Style Dolma With Zesty Pine Nut Cheese and Sweet Pepper Sauce

Photographer: Omid

Jerusalem Style Dolma With Zesty Pine Nut Cheese and Sweet Pepper Sauce (raw, vegan)

Recipe by GreenChef Omid

This is a raw vegan version of the classic Middle Eastern recipe that has grape leaves stuffed with creamy pine nut cheese and a healthy salsa made of alfalfa sprouts, raisins and pine nuts and finished with sweet pepper sauce.

I learned a very similar recipe to this one when I was working in a Moshav in Israel for two months from a dear Palestinian friend when we were invited over for dinner one night after work. The beautiful part was that there were people from different religious background who shared long-lived cultures that are now suffering from past attachments. This is why I decided to call it Jerusalem Style Dolma, because I also share the same vision that we shared that night, the vision of freedom from ourselves.

Serves about 2 people

For the Dolma Leaves:

12 medium-sized brined grape leaves

Step 1 Rinse grape leaves and set them aside on a plate.

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A Healthy Body | Spring Cleaning

fitness model 01 A Healthy Body | Spring Cleaning

Photographer: (cc)

If you live in a country that has four seasons, you have probably realized that your body goes through major changes during these transitions. In winter you probably crave more fatty foods and in spring you probably crave lighter foods such as salads and fruits. During this change, a reduced intake of fats alters the body metabolism and allows the cleansing organs like the liver and the kidneys to do their job. When you eat less, these cleansing organs are able to perform their cleansing tasks very well due to a decrease in the consumption of fats and the organs are free to flush out the harmful toxins like pharmaceutical residues, pesticides and preservatives from our body. A non-detoxified fatter body is prone to constipation, anemia, diarrhea, depression, hormonal imbalances and the worst of them all: a weak immune system.

A detoxified body is free from harmful toxins and leads to fat-burning and a reduction in the body weight which is a prerequisite for a healthier and a longer life. Winter is a season of laziness and slumber, spring is the time when nature becomes active. Therefore, it is also a time for the body to become more dynamic and expel the accumulated waste. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Nano Surgery Might Just Save You

nano surgery Nano Surgery Might Just Save You

Article by G Living MemberOmid

If we’re all are right to begin with, that a raw food diet is best, then the future of medicine, reliant on nanotechnology… would not be necessary. What?

An article published in Advances in Anti-Aging suggests diseases and poor-health are largely the result of damage that occurs at the molecular level of the body, and at the cellular level of the body. Many believe that modern medicine is in fact somewhat of a dinosaur, and that most medicinal instruments, especially surgical tools including the scalpel, are at best more likely to injure and harm someone than help or sure them.

So what is a person to do? Turn to nanotechnology.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a term used to define the manufacturing of technology that occurs during the 21st century. This means creating complex machines capable of interacting with humans on a molecular level, or creating molecular computers. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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