Room101 | John Picard and His Green Mission. Plus Insight About BP the Oil Giant

Here is a very interesting interview we did with John Picard, one of the Advisors for the BP Oil company. His job was to help them go green. See how he explains their thinking at the time and how they changed the companies name for British Petroleum to Beyond Petroleum. A name they thought would announce their new direction as world leaders in the new clean renewable energy market. Clean and green, is what BP wants to present, but reality is a whole other thing. Just ask the people living in the Gulf Coast.

John Picard is a name that you may not be familiar with… yet. This pioneer in sustainability has been quietly revolutionizing homes and businesses across the country. Here’s a brief history of his achievements:

– He started out as a builder and entrepreneur and is now a renowned building efficiency and sustainability expert.
– He was a core member of President Clinton’s “Greening of the White House” team.
– He’s president and founder of E2 Environmental Enterprises, whose clients include Microsoft, BP, eBay, Sony, Ford, The Gap, MGM, CAA and Live Earth, to name a few.

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Oprah Copies Me | 21 Day Cleanse

oprah cleanse Oprah Copies Me | 21 Day Cleanse

Oprah and I have so much in common it’s uncanny. For a start we’re both TV hosts (duh), we’re both known by one name (albeit in my case it’s just amongst friends and family), we’re both philanthropists (what? I gave a homeless a couple bucks today) and now, this one will freak you out, five months and 19 days after my famed 30 day plant-based diet Oprah embarked on similar 21 day cleanse in an effort to become a “conscious eater”.

For three weeks America’s favorite daytime TV host eliminated “caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten and animal products” from her diet. Okay I didn’t give up my daily strong espresso. Big deal. Oprah’s diet makeover comes courtesy of her spiritual counselor (I gotta get one of those),Kathy Freston.In her bookQuantum Wellness,Kathy speaks of “spiritual integrity.” As the big O puts it: “How can you say you’re trying to spiritually evolve, without even a thought about what happens to the animals whose lives are sacrificed in the name of gluttony?” Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Sandra Bullock Pimps Her New Soy Candle Line On Oprah

sandra bullock eco candles ophra1 Sandra Bullock Pimps Her New Soy Candle Line On Oprah

In the unlikelihood of Sandra Bullock losing her title as America’s Sweetheart (it could happen — look at Meg Ryan) and somehow blowing through the zillions of dollars she’s made, she might be able to jumpstart a new career as a green advisor.

You don’t believe me? You would if you’d seen her on Oprah promoting Earth Day. Sandra, who says she only uses organic or homemade cleaners, gave a terrifically informative walk-thru of ordinary household items that can be used in place of chemical-filled or pricey green cleaning products. And unlike a lot of celebrities, who always sound like they’re reciting from a script when they talk about global issues, Sandra seems to know her stuff.

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