Modern “G” Summer Pool Furniture by Viesso

viesso sustainable modern pool furniture icon 01 Modern G Summer Pool Furniture by Viesso

When it comes to buying furniture and living “G” the options are pretty bleak. I think I have seen the same recycled crate seats again and again on website after website. Look, yes recycling is cool, but really I don’t want to furnish my house with recycled milk crates. It’s just not “G”. Are you feeling me. Well, lucky for the G Living staff, there was this company just down the street called Viesso, founded by two brothers, which makes lushes modern cleanly designed furnisher from all “G” materials. Viesso was the company which made all of the couches you see on the Real G shows and our outdoor benches. Our couches are made from sustainable harvested wood, natural latex and recycled synthetic micro suede. They feel amazing.

But todays post isn’t about our couches, its about Viesso’s new line of Pool / Patio furniture (on sale). We now have a need for some modern outdoor furniture, since we just moved out to Palm Desert and we have these very large decks wrapping around our new saltwater pool. Okay, not our saltwater pool, my saltwater pool. And when you look at the decks, they are just screaming for some cool furniture. Right now I just have these semi-tacky very cheap target type patio tables. Normally I would have to look at a store like Design within Reach, which sells the right style of furniture, but I don’t think there is anything green about the materials from which they are made. But with Viesso, and this is why I love these guys, they not only nail the modern design, they made sure by default everything is made “G”. Look at this stuff. Just so clean.

viesso sustainable modern pool furniture icon 02 Modern G Summer Pool Furniture by Viesso
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Kangaroo Valley House Down Under

kangaroo valley house 01 Kangaroo Valley House Down Under

Here is a pretty special outdoor living style home down under, Kangaroo Valley House by Alexander Michael.

From the Architect

“There are primarily two parts to this building, one being the main living area, the other being the two individual bedrooms separated from the main building by a semi-covered walkway. As this was a weekender, I wanted it to feel like one, and so the walk outside to get to the bedrooms gives it a kind of resort atmosphere, as well as doubling as an escape from the bustle of the living area.

The Living area is basically a simple rectangular space with a polished concrete floor, eighty percent enclosed by retractable glass walls, and single-span composite timber beams supporting the sub-roof ceiling. At twenty meters long, by seven meters wide, there is no internal structure, the only division being the Utility Pod bringing the services up through the concrete slab to the kitchen, WC, laundry, and media room. Like a house of cards, the entire pod is fabricated from structural fibrous cement sheet, only held together by exposed galvanised steel braces. The Pod stops well short of the ceiling to allow for visual flow-through. Like the Pod, I’ve used the same material to sheet all of the exterior walls as well as the top of the sub-roof. In its raw state, fibrous cement sheet is a wonderful, but under-utilised and misunderstood material, thanks mostly to its infamous predecessor, asbestos sheeting. Covering all of this like a giant sun-shade, is a primary roof structure of galvanised steel supported by twelve massive timber columns, four of which stand in the twenty-seven meter long reflection pond. It is this roof that supports the sub-roof by four fine steel rods, allowing three sides of the living area to be opened to the landscape.”

kangaroo valley house 02 Kangaroo Valley House Down Under

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