Pomegranate Infused Vodka Spritzer

pomegranatespritzer Pomegranate Infused Vodka Spritzer

Pomegranates are the hotest new superfruit for cocktails. It used to be all about the cranberry — now pomegranate is the ‘It’ fruit showing up in everything from Pomegranate Martinis (Pometinis) to Pomegranate Champagne. Touted for their myriad of health benefits and high anti-oxidant levels, they also taste great in mixed drinks due to their sweet and tangy flavor. This drink is only lightly flavored with a hint of pomegranate and tangy lemon and sweetened with healthy low glycemic agave instead of a sugar syrup. Low on calories and sugar and high in anti-oxidants and infused natural vitamins, this drink is not only beautiful and festive but could save your waistline as well this holiday season. The deep red color of the pomegranate pops against the the clear liquid. You can also add a splash of pomegranate juice if you want a stronger pomegranate flavor and color. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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