Paris Hilton | Very Serious About the Environment

paris hilton 03 Paris Hilton | Very Serious About the Environment

Details are as scant as Paris Hilton’s wardrobe, but the hotel heiress is helping bring clean drinking water to millions in need. Wearing nothing but gold spray paint, Paris can be seen crawling through the Mojave desert for Rich Prosecco — that’s her new line of champagne-in-a-can (classy, right?) — which promises to donate 20% of the proceeds of sales to organizations which help develop clean sources of drinking water. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Paris is Dreaming of a Porsche Hybrid | Keep Dreaming Porsche Says!

porsche hybrid gliving Paris is Dreaming of a Porsche Hybrid | Keep Dreaming Porsche Says!

Paris Hiltons new dream car, the Porsche Cayenne hybrid. I have a big white car! I wish I knew the make and model, but I’ve lost the owner’s manual and the letters on the trunk have peeled off. Although, I’ve narrowed it down, using a unique process of finding people over the age of eighty who still drive. I’m 100% confident it’s some type of Oldsmobile or a 1996 Ford Taurus. That being said, I’m not your typical car guy.

I did have a brief love affair with automobiles as a child. I think all little boys do. I built models, wrecked matchbox cars, worshiped my Lamborghini poster, and hauled my lunch box filled with micro machines everywhere. Little boys’ minds are fueled on fantasies of fast cars, skipping showers and staying up late — a playful life with no strings attached. As a child, I dreamt of cruising in my Porsche, on my holiest birthday, scoring the head cheerleader, and blaring Wu Tang. Instead, sadly, I got my first white car, a Buick Le Sabre. Soon after, I broke up with my fantasy cherry Corvette, was involved in a domestic dispute with my yellow banana Lamborghini poster and had my heart broken by the fast and easy Porsche. From there, my prized matchbox collection ended up as small pieces of metal retired to collect dust in my childhood attic.

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Paris and Hummer, To “G” or Not To “G”?

parishummer Paris and Hummer, To “G” or Not To “G”?

Paris Hilton is thinking green. Or shall we say “dreaming”? According to Page Six in the NY Post, Paris recently attempted to up her eco-Q by telling US Weekly she’d “ordered a Hummer Hybrid.” It was a nice thought, but it was simply that… a thought. Page Six wrote that a Hummer spokesperson said no such car existed. And the vehicle manufacturer’s online forum confirmed that their product will not be going green anytime soon. “We need to be true to what we are from a Hummer standpoint,” posted Susan Docherty, general manager of the Hummer Division. “We’re a real masculine, rugged, irreverent brand.”
What was Paris thinking? Was she confusing the concept of green with the Hummer H3T? This gas-guzzling machine is, after all, a hybrid of a Hummer and a pickup.

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