How Green Are The Products By Tom’s Of Maine?

toms of main tooth paste How Green Are The Products By Toms Of Maine?

Claire Burstein, a writer for Elephant Magazine wanted to know, just how green is that all so familiar brand Tom’s of Maine. Which we here at G Living thought was a fair question. For us, Tom’s is a giant of a brand, similar to what Crest is to the rest of America. So, we thought we should share with you, the answer Claire came up with.

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I imagine that many health conscious folks out there naturally reach for Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. It makes sense, right? It’s so readily available, it’s in health food stores and supermarkets alike, it looks good, it tastes good, it’s “all natural” and everybody’s using it. Why wouldn’t it be a good thing? Well, there are some things you should be aware before you buy Tom’s of Maine products again. I used them regularly, until a teacher clued me in on some important details. I was a bit shocked at the vehemence with which he bashed Tom’s of Maine. I’ll spare you that energy. What I would like to do is pass the knowledge on to you and point you in the direction of an alternative.

Firstly, the word “natural” is used quite loosely in the health and beauty industry. Everything on this Earth once came from nature. Even “synthetic” things come from petroleum, which is a natural thing. There are plenty of harmful substances that are sourced from natural things. And there are things directly from nature that are very harmful to humans, such as mercury and snake venom. So, beware of the word “natural”. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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