Media Watch | Rory Friedman (Skinny Bitch) Goes Head To Head On OReilly Factor

Bill O’Reilly invited our friend Rory Freedman on to his show to talk about the rejected Peta Ads. The ads show sexy women licking veggies, and make the statement that a meat based diet can lead to men become impotent. Bill also invited a pro-meat eating women to counter Rory. So, basically it was two people saying we are going to eat our meat, no matter what, but lets make a joke about Peta’s ads, which is basically what Peta wanted in the first place. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Pamela Anderson | Stacked with Good Stuff, Auctions Off Her Things

pamela anderson garage sale Pamela Anderson | Stacked with Good Stuff, Auctions Off Her Things

Pamela Anderson believes in recycling… to you! Which is fine by me, since I love garage sales. Where else do you get to oogle other people’s junk on a Saturday morning; feel good about indulging in some neighborly recycling whilst smugly shunning the purchasing of yet more new stuff? One person’s junk is another’s treasure: like a “Back To The Future” VHS, some Prussian costume jewelry or a sock puppet — all for less than $10.

If you were in Malibu last weekend, I hope you happenstanced upon what was sure to be the mother of all garage sales — the one held by sitcom queen, Pamela Anderson.

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Pamela Anderson Brings Eco-Housing To Canada

pamstuffmagazine Pamela Anderson Brings Eco Housing To Canada

Pamela Anderson is shaking things up in her hometown of Ladysmith, British Columbia. The actress and animal lover has teamed up with former hockey pro Geoff Courtnall to create an environmentally friendly residential development on five acres of waterfront property that her grandparents once owned. The development, according to the development’s manager Peter Laughlin, will consist of 83 townhouses and condos and will utilize “environmentally friendly features [including] a geothermal heat exchange system and pavement that is water-permeable, and a recirculating pond and stream to prevent heavy runoff.”

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