Aptera Typ-1 to Begin Production in 2008

aptera forsale 01 Aptera Typ 1 to Begin Production in 2008

Those of you who dismissed the Aptera Typ-1 as a ridiculous-looking circus freak of a concept vehicle can now shut the hell up. This car of the future that got an astonishing 231 mpg on its first ever test drive and more resembled an airplane than a car with its odd shape, gulf-wing doors and three wheels is soon to become a reality.

The folks at Aptera are givers in the truest sense of the word. In order to push the Typ-1 out of the R&D (that’s research & design) phase and into the manufacturing phase, they’ve been (according to their newsletter) working late into the night, abusing caffeine and doing intensive fine-tuning in order to bring you a vehicle that’s not only funky looking, but as “safe, efficient and comfortable as possible.” Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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